Points to take into consideration when you chose your next car

What are your needs?
Buying a car is a decision that you have to think thoroughly, think about your current and future needs, for example:
  • • Number of usual passengers
  • • Kind of roads most often used
  • • Snow or ice road conditions
  • • Fuel economy
  • • Four wheel drive requirements
  • • Frequent towing needs
  • • Safety equipment required
  • • Cargo capacity required
  • • Number of small children that need special seats
  • • Parking space available to you
Chose your car

For example, if you have small children then think about the safety requirements for them like LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children), the space for special car seats and to carry with you one or more strollers and all that you need to travel comfortably and safe with your youngsters. A SUV or a utility vehicle might be your best choice.

On the other hand if you mostly travel by yourself, with little or no baggage and you use your car a lot then fuel economy might be of your concern, small cars are ideal for in city travel, they are easy to park, high millage for the gallon of fuel and more than enough space for one or two persons.

Cars in general adapt to your personal needs and way of life, heavier cars to travel from one city or state to another, sports or classical cars for enthusiasts, and as many more options and combinations as you might think.

If you need help to figure out the best car for your need feel free to Contact us by phone, email or give us a visit, we will be glad to help you decide on your best options.

How much can you pay?
Buying a car is the second most important acquisition for many families only next to buying a house, because of these you have to take into consideration how much can I pay for my next car, of course you can take your current car as a starting base, having the option of selling it yourself or opting for a trade-in purchase.

For the rest of the money you can use your savings or credit, if you will use financing services you have to take into consideration how much you can pay monthly. If you will use credit we have a page with information on financing sources, pre-qualification and more, we are sure you will find it very useful, to learn more just visit our Financing information and form.

At Bexar Motors we also have a layaway system, make a down payment and your dream car will be waiting for you to until you have the rest of the money for up to 90 days; you do not have to worry about losing that special car that you want.

Doing a bit of research
In the old times there was not much option but to go and visit a dealership to see their inventory, then go home and do a bit of research to find information about that car and be able to make a smart decision.

Now days you can do all of these on your cell phone, tablet or computer in the comfort of your home, office or even on a spare time you might have after lunch or waiting to go to the movies, you just need to enter our inventory and from there we will take you to general information for that model and specific information about the real car we have for sale.

We also have very interesting information about some of the most beloved Classical cars, including the available generations, pictures and more, from there you can find out if a classical car is the best option for you and your family.

Do a test drive
On the current market there are many options available, different brands, models and equipment packages; if you have the chance make an appointment or visit us during business hours and get to drive the car of your dreams before you buy it.

You can take these opportunity to see other options that might be available and to compare if the car you have selected is the best option for you, we are sure that you will find a very nice set of options with us at any given time, because of these we are sure that you might walk in to our business but you will be driving out of it.

Give us a call or will our Contact form, we are there to help you make the best choice.

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