Classic used cars

Bexar Motors carries an inventory of classic cars and trucks; we love classics as you might also do yourself, come and relive the glorious years of automotive history with a pre-owned classic car.

Fiero 1984

Pontiac Fiero 1984 $7,999 USD

Looking for a beloved classic in like new conditions? Then these perfectly conserved Fiero is the right choice, low maintenance and unbeatable looks, hurry up before someone takes it home.

BelAir 1955

Chevrolet Belair 1955 $14,999

Looking for a true classic jewel? Then take home these all American classic, as you can see these car is in very good shape, not so often you will find an opportunity to buy a part of automotive history.

More classic cars coming real soon

We do not have the car you are looking for? Please contact us and we’ll be contacting you soon to offer you options to buy your dream car.

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