Classic cars for sale  Eagle Pass, Texas

Jeep 2004

Chevy truck 63 $14,999 USD

Looking for a classic truck like new? We just finish to restore this Chevrolet 1963 with big block engine 396, disk front breaks new tires.....

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Fiero 1984

Volkswagen 1969 baja bug $13,900 USD

Looking for a beloved classic in like new conditions? Our shop just finish this beautiful Baja bug, new engine, new tires, new paint, new wiring, renovate interiors, new shocks, new everything


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BelAir 1955

Wolksvaguen 1972

Special edition convertible 1972 bug, this beautiful car will be restored and painted as original was, further details contact us.

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Explorer 2005

Pontiac gto 1968

This great American muscle car will be restored as original. Powerful 400 V8 A/C, automatic transition, all matching numbers classic car.

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Aveo 2008

Ford 1947 short bed pickup v8

A piece of the American history, this beautiful and exotic Ford F-100 was one of the first pickup truck with Flat V8, also this beautiful truck below to C. E. Kelsey, how is part of the American history. For further detail please contact us

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Rendezvous 2005

Ford 1969 F-250

This complete Ford F-250 is a strong truck, very reliable; This Pickup truck is perfect for who is looking to have a classic working pickup, and this will be upgrade to a powerful V8 fuel injection engine with automatic transition

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Corvette 2000

datsun convertible 1969

The classic sport card of the 60's, this beautiful Convertible Datsun was the Japanese answer for the sport market in the late 60's.

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Beetle 2007

Chevy 1962 pickup truck

This strong truck actually is in progress to be one of the cool hotrods in Texas, new Chevy 350 engine with double carburetor, high ram manifold, new suspension, new power breaks, new hydraulic steering, new tires an wells, custom candy paint, 4 speeds corvette automatic  transmission  and much more...

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F=150 2000

Super fast camaro 1980

Looking for a winner! Meet our 1980 Camaro with rebuilt 386 Engine, High ram. Double carburetor, special tires to run. This Camaro will beat any car in the street. To be complete very soon!

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F-250 1996

Chevy 57 with 454 motor

A classic gasser Chevy 57, with a huge 454 just rebuilt performance engine, built to be one of the fastest cars in Texas!

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Saturn SL1 2000

Cadillac 1976 convertible $9,000(sold)

The last convertible! This fine sample of a convertible Cadillac 1976 was call the last convertible, big engine V8 500, fuel injected. This classic car was the end of the big convertibles, when Cadillac decide stop the production in 1976

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Caravan 2001

Camaro iroc z28 1985 iroc $15,000

The first Camaro with factory corvette fuel injected engine, the IROC in an icon of the classic muscle cars in America, just a few survive in this conditions. This car represents the American dream of any teenager of the 80's.

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RAM 2003

Dodge caravan 2001 $2,000

Kept in good conditions, this Caravan is the perfect family car, economic and reliable vehicle for your family


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SL2 2002

Saturn SL2 2002 $2,100 USD

If you need a car on a budget this car is perfect for you, a very economical 1.9l engine offers fuel efficiency with all the necessary comforts, air conditioning, power windows and locks, remote control alarm and all in very good conditions.

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Sebring 2008

Corvette 1981

This car is in restauration process and will be made to the perfection, including new rebuild engine, new suspension, new brakes, and new interiors, new yellow paint new A/C. This car will be show car quality. Available very soon!

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Making classic cars great again!

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Own a classic car is the best investment! Classic car are going up in prices all the time, when you own a classic car you have a unique car. You will discover a new style; everybody in the street will look you and making lot of new friends that love classic cars. With your classic car, you can make some extra money and lot of fun in car shows. Classic cars have low insurance rates; you will pay less of the 10% in comparing your regular cars.  

  • Classic cars don't lose value GAIN VALUE EVERYDAY!
  • Classic cars are unique.
  • Low insurance rates.
  • Your classic car  always is a piece of conversation.
  • Classic cars Cautivate everibody attention  in the street. 

  • Visit our classic cars garage in Eagle Pass Texas and look for you self our classic cars. 

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    We are muscle cars builders! We restore and build beatifull cars in our own shop. save money buy direct with us. We always are building a new car, if you don't see the car your are looking, contact us. 

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    *  When you own a classic car, don't pay regular insurance! We can give you the name of insurance companies that work only with classic car and you will save a lot of money, you can keep all your valuable collection insured at low cost!

    *   Want to finance your classic car! Contact us and we help you to qualify!

    * Looking for a project to build you? We have a plenty of unrestored cars that we can sell to you, consult our inventory or contact us if you don't see the car you are looking for.

    Classic cars available for sale

    Citroen Hermes

    For those looking for a unique car a classic might be the right car for you; they are a part of history, special or unique vehicles that distinguish them self’s from the rest of the used cars with some of the most beautiful designs, we at Bexar Motors as car lovers will be offering classical cars for those looking for a one of a kind deal. If classic cars are of your interest be sure to visit our special page dedicated to the History of classic cars and of course our special part of the inventory to see what Classic cars for sale we have at our facilities. Remember a classic car is an investment and is the only car never lose value, you can enjoy riding a unique car an if you need to sell it in the future you will recover your investment and maybe make some extra money.

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    Our dealership established on Eagle Pass Texas, operates on a 7,500 square foot lot on a prime location at  in town, just few blocks from the International Bridge, connecting the USA and Mexico. Want to ask something to us do no hesitate, call us, send us an e-mail, fill out contact form or visit us, we are here to help you. To learn more about us visit our About page


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    We custom made classic cars and build hotrods with the best paint jobs in town, if you want to personalized classic car, we have always projects ready to do and you can ask for the options you want

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